Welcome Bonus (Closed)
“Welcome Account” – Free $15 deposit to your trading account – (Closed)
We are happy to announce a new exciting bonus: From May 24,2012 , a new welcome bonus program which can be of a great help to beginner traders, and a good opportunity to try trading using real forex accounts at Lucrorfx. A totally free $15 will deposit in your new live account once you sign up for a “Welcome Account”.
Terms and Conditions
● No deposit bonus for new and registered clients.
●There are some trading restrictions for accounts with “Welcome bonus”
- Fixed order is 0.01 Lot
- Maximum number of open orders is 5
- 12 currency pairs

● Profit can be withdrawn anytime,but the cost of the 1st withdrawal from “welcome account” is 15 USD. After the withdrawals,account balance must be greater than 15 usd.
Example: You received 15 usd as a bonus.If your profit after trading is 16 usd, balance should be 31 usd, then according to our conditions you can withdraw 1 usd ($31- $15 bonus – $15 fee), i.e. minus onetime commission of 15 usd for the first withdrawal(next time you withdraw your profit no commission is charged).
● Bonus can be withdrawn if you meet the terms of the trading turnover on the account: 7.5 standard lots (1 lot in the Forex market is 100,000 units of base currency).
● Partners DO NOT receive commission for transactions on bonus accounts.
● These restrictions will be removed as soon as the equity on the bonus account exceeds $100 due to profit earned or client’s depositing the account with his/her own funds. After the equity exceeds $100
● Every client can have ONLY ONE welcome account.
● LucrorFX reserves the right to cancel bonuses from the accounts without giving any reasons and/or advance notice
Attention please:
* We do not provide any technical support and related customer support
** “Welcome Bonus” promotion was closed on November 30, 2012
Trading Conditions
Account type Leverage Currency Trading Tools 1 Lot Size Withdrawals
Free $15 account
1:1 – 1:500
Default US dollar
100 000 USD
How to get Free $15 account?
  • 1. Firstly please registered a Mylucror account and upload your documents to verify your account (Account will be verified within 24 working hours.)
  • 2. Then login to Mylucror and click the ”Signup Live Account” – “Welcome Bonus Account” button which will take you to the registration page.
  • 3. After welcome account is registered, you need to Download MetaTrader 4 client terminal, and login to your account with the login information that was sent to your email
  • 4. Pick a chart and drag the “free_15″ (Navigator-Expert Advisors – Free_15) onto the chart as the following:

  • 5. In Free_15 window, “allow DLL imports”, “Confirm DLL function calls” and “Allow import of external experts” should be selected, and then click “OK”

  • 6. In a new pop window, just press “ok”

  • 7. Once you launched the “Free_15” EA,you will find an icon in the upper right corner of the chart window as following:

    Then you can remove the “Free_15” EA from the chart window
  • 8. After you finishing all of the above,just be patient, bonus will be credit to your account within 48 working hours