Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

This Disclosure Statement is issued by Lucror Capital Markets LP (“LCM”). This is an important document and should be read in its entirety.

Before making a decision to invest in the financial products we offer, you must consider your own financial circumstances,needs and objectives to determine if trading in leveraged Products is appropriate for you. We recommend you obtain independent financial and taxation advice concerning this Disclosure Statement, General Terms and Conditions and the Client Services Agreement.

Trading speculative leveraged products is more risky than trading non leveraged investment products (such as conventional share trading) and can result in losses that may be in excess of your initial outlay. If you do not understand the risks associated with such products or are not willing to accept the risks or potential losses, you should not enter into any such transaction. These risks are further outlined in Section 4.

This Disclosure Statement provides you with information about the following:

1. General Information
2. Trading with LCM
3. Key features and characteristics of Spot Foreign Exchange and Spot Metal Contracts
4. Risks associated with trading the products offered
5. Fees and charges
6. LCM Agreement

This Disclosure Statement should be read in conjunction with the Client Services Agreement (CSA) and the General Terms and Conditions. Please note that the word “Contract” used in this document is as defined in the General Terms and Conditions. Learn More>>>