Partner Account Registration
Our three separate programs are tailor made to suit each different type of partner based on the category that their business fits into:
● 3 Level Partner System
● Regional Agent
● White Label
Registered Account Instructions
The criterion for each program is based on the number of customers and the volume traded
Registration Instructions
● 1st step: Registered MYLUCROR member´s account
● 2nd step: Enter the email to click the activation link
● 3rd step: To submit Proof of identity and address to verify the account
● 4th step: Login MYLUCROR Area,and go to “Partner”(The left navigation menu) to click “general info”, to enter the registration page, fill in the basic information
● 5th step: To enter the page of the partner setting (set withdrawal password )
● 6th step: To enter the email to click the activation link to active partner account(copy activation link and paste it into your browser to activate)
● The company reserves the right to modify the partner rules without giving any reasons and/or advance notice.If there is any changes, we will inform it in the section of 《company news》

** If you have any questions,please contact our partnership department,Skype: partnership.lucrorfx .