We summarized some questions which customer often meet , if these information do not help you,please Contact Us
Common Question Technical Mylucror Deposit/Withdrawal Partner Program

1. How do I login to my trading account ?

First of all, you must download and install the Lucror Pro Trader platform. The link for the download will be provided to you in your account opening email once your application is approved. Please open the platform once it is installed. Then on the login screen enter your account number and password. From the server drop down menu select either live or demo server depending on your account type and click:

Live account:to select Lucrorfx-Live

Demo account:to select Lucrorfx-Demo

2. What to do if the terminal says “No connection” ?

If the terminal displays the “No connection” message, try doing the following:

A.Check your Internet connection. Perhaps there are problems with communications on your ISP side.

B.If your computer has a stable connection to the Internet, but the terminal still says “no connection”, try to rescan the server. Left-click on the “No connection” message and select “Rescan server” from the menu item.

C.If none of the above steps help, in the top panel select “File” and click “Login” from the drop down menu. In the window, enter your username (trading account number), password, server address and click “Login”.

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, please contact technical support.

3. What are the IP-addresses of servers ?

4. After I login to my trading terminal. I am not able to place an order. How can I do so ?

In order to place an order on your account you will need to login using the master password. Logging in using the investor password will only give you permission to view the account information