We summarized some questions which customer often meet , if these information do not help you,Please , please Contact Us
Common Question Technical Mylucror Deposit/Withdrawal Partner Program

1. How can I become a partner ?

Please visit the Partner Account Registration section of our website to view detailed information on how you can become a partner of LucrorFX.

2. How is the partner commission settled ?

Commission are calculated automatically, However during peak times the multi-level partner system commission system may not distribute commissions instantly if the server is experiencing a significant work load. As a result the commissions will be distributed once the server load is within an acceptable work load

3. Does Lucror provide tools to help manage customers ?

Our technical staff developed many user-friendly tools to help our partners manage their customers. You may conveniently navigate through “Partner”-”Referrals” in order to view your clients summary as well as ”Commissions” in order to view the commission details of your partner account.

4. How can I become a Webmaster Pro ?

After opening a partner account you may post your referral link on a forum, blog or the website of your choice. Then submit the URL where your link is located to us for approval. Once approved your partner account will be issued Webmaster Pro status