We summarized some questions which customer often meet , if these information do not help you,please Contact Us
Common Question Technical Mylucror Deposit/Withdrawal Partner Program

1. Is it possible to change the currency of my account ?

No. But you can open a new account in USD or EUR

2. Is it possible to transfer funds to another account ?

Yes, however you can only transfer the funds into another account under the same name.Note: Bonus funds will not be credited for funds transferred from another account.

3. How can I get my deposit bonus ?

When you are depositing funds, you will need to choose the appropriate bonus option. The bonus will be credited to your trading account instantly .

4. Is it possible to change leverage ?

Yes, select “Account Settings”- then click ”Change Leverage” to change your leverage. But be advised that leverage can only be changed if you have no open positions

5. Can i change my email address ?

Yes, select “Account Settings” then click ”Change Email” to change your email address. Our system will send a confirmation code to your old email address. Once you submit the confirmation code, you will successfully have changed your email address

6. Can i change my password ?

Yes, select “Account Settings” then click ”Change Password” in order to change your Mylucror password or your trading platform password